Аренда склада
на Бали

Склад для бизнеса на Бали. Мы гарантируем сухие и чистые боксы от 0,4 до 105 m3, доступ 7 дней/неделю, видеонаблюдение 24/7
Business Storage
Узнайте цену и получите
"1 месяц хранения в подарок"
Padang Bai
Storage room rental


for 6 months
When paying rent

Business storage Bali

Any duration
of storage
box sizes
7 days
a week
Humidity control
(drying system)
Disinfection and decontamination of premises
24-hour video surveillance and security
Cloud storage: we pack, take goods in and return them when needed
Online booking and payment
Convenient access and unloading

Storage for business

World Safe Service is a center for individual storage of Surfboards, Bicycles, inventory items for moving, repairs and other household situations, as well as a flexible solution for businesses to organize the storage of goods, equipment, archives and much more.

How to order security
boxes in Bali

Come by the
Determine the area of the box you need
In advance get familiar with the documents
Call or send an application
from the website

What is cloud storage?
Moving service.

By chat, phone or on the website. We will contact you and discuss all the details
Leave a request
We pick up goods
Pack everything, take pictures, carefully carry and deliver to the warehouse
We store and return
Goods are stored in a dry, guarded warehouse. At any time, we will return everything at once or something specific.

Do you have a lot of things or goods that need to be sent to the warehouse? Is it inconvenient to carry everything in several trips, or is the trunk too small? We can help!

What can't be stored?

Medicinal products in any form
Toxic and radioactive substances
Money and securities
Prohibited Items in Indonesia
Plants and animals
Weapons and explosives
Flammable materials or liquids
Materials emitting smoke or odor
By signing a rental agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions and take full responsibility for the contents of your box
When paying rent for 6 months


Don't put off your storage problem until later.

Contact us and we will make sure that you can store your belongings in the most comfortable conditions.
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